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ZTree Plugin     PasteAround and Pasteoriented will paste ZS, scale and orient them in relation with the selected zsphere. They are a little different. Pastearound will orient the Y axis of your copied ZS and spin it arround the selected ZS, while PasteOriented will align the Y axis of your copied ZS with the direction…

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Magnum Temptation / Art by  Onur Senturk      Director: Onur SenturkAgency: LOLA MadridProduction Company: RCR MadridExecutive Producer: Ian DawsonVFX and Animation: Spatial Harmonics GroupMusic: Fourtet – UnspokenProduced at Prologue FilmsSoftware used: 3dsmax, Realflow, Xmesh     —————– 3d , ice cream , realflow ice cream , how to make ice cream , learn how to…

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Remember Me Characters by Bastien Ramisse     As a continuation to our previous post, we feature another amazing individual that brought you the game Remember Me. This time it’s the character artist for Dontnod Entertainment, Bastien Ramisse. On Remember Me, Bastien contribute to some of the important character in the game, such as Gabriel Trace, Scylla and many…

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