Bugünün Saraylısı Breakdowns

CGI & VFX Breakdowns HD: “Bugünün Saraylısı” – by Genius Park

Check out this revealing VFX breakodwn from the Turkish TV Series, “Bugünün Saraylısı”, by the talented team at Genius Park!.



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GeniusPark is the industry leading talent pool of Turkey and Eastern Europe. Whenever you need assistance on your project, highly experienced and talented artist of GeniusPark will provide assistance on everything you need, from concept design to modeling, camera tracking to rotomation, matte painting to motion graphics.

TV Show Links
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bug%C3…
“Bugünün Saraylısı” – https://www.youtube.com/user/SeyirciTV8

Client : Avşar Film
VFX Supervisor: Volkan Duran
VFX Producer: Sema Şahin
Coordination: Zeki Kaya
VFX Artists: Berat Türkbıkmaz, Serkan Duran, Gürkan Aydın, Erdem Sarıtaş
3D: Metin Akçakoca, Tatyana Fedosova, Erdem Sarıtaş



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