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HYBRIS ArtFX + Making of           Making-of  HYBRIS  ArtFX   “HYBRIS” a short film created at ArtFX, and directed by the talented Audrey Serre, Benjamin Gros, Océane Nguyen, Margaux Le Gall! See below for more details and external links…ArtFx : ARTFX: SCHOOL OF CG ANIMATION AND VISUAL EFFECTS – http://www.artfx.frDirectors : Audrey…

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Making of Kyoto Gakuen University TVCM HD     Kyoto Gakuen University kyotogakuen.ac.jp/ ——————————————— Director : Kohta Morie cargocollective.com/KohtaMorie Character design : kamogawa pixiv.net/member.php?id=4084485 Music : hidetake takayama hidetaketakayama.com/ Creative director : Shingo Nishida CM planner : Daisuke Aoki / Tatsuya Shimizu / Fusako Shibata / Yusuke Hiza Producer : Aya Kawabe Production manager :…

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CG Generalist Animation  by Anthony VINCENT   Watch this new CG Generalist showreel by the talented Anthony Vincent! Vincent is currently a Studiant at Supinfocom and intern at NKI Studio. For more info, please see the details below:BREAKDOWNtime 00:04 to 00:06 Animation happy meal (maya)time 00:07 to 00:08 Animation all characters (maya)time 00:09 to 00:11 Animation sammy and scoobydoo (maya)time 00:13 to 00:14 Animation happymeal (maya)time 00:14 to 00:15 Animation horse happymeal cromagnon (maya) (retake…

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