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HYBRIS ArtFX + Making of           Making-of  HYBRIS  ArtFX   “HYBRIS” a short film created at ArtFX, and directed by the talented Audrey Serre, Benjamin Gros, Océane Nguyen, Margaux Le Gall! See below for more details and external links…ArtFx : ARTFX: SCHOOL OF CG ANIMATION AND VISUAL EFFECTS – http://www.artfx.frDirectors : Audrey…

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Making of Kyoto Gakuen University TVCM HD Back to top


Making of Kyoto Gakuen University TVCM HD     Kyoto Gakuen University kyotogakuen.ac.jp/ ——————————————— Director : Kohta Morie cargocollective.com/KohtaMorie Character design : kamogawa pixiv.net/member.php?id=4084485 Music : hidetake takayama hidetaketakayama.com/ Creative director : Shingo Nishida CM planner : Daisuke Aoki / Tatsuya Shimizu / Fusako Shibata / Yusuke Hiza Producer : Aya Kawabe Production manager :…

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CG Generalist Animation  by Anthony VINCENT   Watch this new CG Generalist showreel by the talented Anthony Vincent! Vincent is currently a Studiant at Supinfocom and intern at NKI Studio. For more info, please see the details below:BREAKDOWNtime 00:04 to 00:06 Animation happy meal (maya)time 00:07 to 00:08 Animation all characters (maya)time 00:09 to 00:11 Animation sammy and scoobydoo (maya)time 00:13 to 00:14 Animation happymeal (maya)time 00:14 to 00:15 Animation horse happymeal cromagnon (maya) (retake…

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CG Vfx – Tom Ferstl Rigging Showreel Back to top


 CG Vfx – Tom Ferstl Rigging Showreel   cg-vfx-tom-ferstl-rigging-showreel Tom Ferstl Rigging TD Showreel Using Autodesk Maya worked on:- Natalis Enki – Mocap Pipeline, Animation Rig, Deformation Rig, Skin Sliding, Cloth Simulation Natalis Ea – Mocap Pipeline, Animation Rig, Deformation Rig, Face Capturing, Face Rig Natalis Motion Capture Pipeline Oh Sheep! – Rigging Shepherds, Rigging Sheep,…

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Animation Showreel by Frank Abney   A selection of Animation work by Frank Abney, showcasing character performance.               Animation Showreel by Frank Abney, Frank Abney Summer 2014 Anim Reel, Justin Animation Reel, Animation showreel 2014 by Frank Abney, Frank Abney Animation Demo 2014, Animation Showreel, Frank Abney – Animation Reel…

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Making Of Cartier Winter Tale Back to top


Making Of Cartier Winter Tale   Making Of Cartier WinterTale and Cartier Winter Tale Commercial by Unit ImageWatch how Unit Image brought Panther to life, demonstrate there process of creating CGI Panther for Cartier WinterTale www.unit-image.fr  Full Commercial :     ———— Panther, unit image, cartier, Making of, Behind the Scenes, Making Of Cartier WinterTale, Computer Animated,…

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Snappers Facial Rig for Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max

Snappers Facial Rig      Snappers Facial Rig for Maya (also available for 3dsMax) + dx11 or Cg skin shader with multiple wrinkles maps + Rig Manager to handle selection and to create/save poses. e-mail: info@snapperstech.com  facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Motion…YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/yasser3d   .     ———- Snappers Mocaps, Snappers Facial Rig, Facial Rig, maya Facial Rig, Snappers, Maya rig  

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