CGI VFX Breakdowns “Epic Water Simulation”

CGI VFX Breakdowns “Epic Water Simulation”




An amazing breakdown of over 50 seconds of full CGI with complex dynamic water simulation by the talented artists at Important Looking Pirates!! ILP is a visual effects and digital animation studio located in central Stockholm. For more information please see the details below:

Commercial :

OLF – Ingeniørkunst I Havet from Important Looking Pirates on Vimeo.
“We did the simulation work with the Naiad fluids solver and we used our in-house volumetric render engine “Tempest” to be able to render the millions of particles needed to convey the scale of the shots.
By the end of the show the work files took up 30 terabytes of on-line storage, a factor that is easy to overlook when working with complex simulations.”

CLIENT – Norsk Olje&Gass

Production Company: Motion Blur
Director: Roenberg
Producer: Espen Horn
Prod manager: Elisabeth Mala Maxwell-Stewart

Online: Storyline

Grading: Jean-Clement Soret — MPC London


VFX Supervisor: Niklas Jacobsson
VFX Producer: Måns Björklund
3D Artists:Jonas Andersson, Daniel Rådén, Niklas Ström, Bobo Skipper, Björn Malmgren, Patrik Wedinger, Jason Martin, Victor Carlander
2D: David Wahlberg, Niklas Nyqvist, Jens Tenland

To see the full spot…
Official Website –



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