Fable Legends – 3D Animated Short Film

Fable Legends – 3D Animated Short Film

Check out this fantastic example of character modeling, animation, lighting and VFX in this production intro for “Fable Legends” created by Axis. For more information, please see the credits below. 


Directed by Ben Hibon and Produced by Paula Lacerda, Executive Producer Debbie Ross. 
Music and Sound Design by Savalas.
Client: Lionhead Studios / Microsoft Studios.
Fable Legends © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

You can follow Axis on Twitter twitter.com/axisanim and catch up on the behind the scenes vibe of Axis on Flickr flickr.com/photos/axisanim/

You can also check out our little sister Flaunt flauntproductions.com
Flaunt brings out our softer side and mixes up styles too, you’ll find the Flaunt directors using pens, pencils, photography, live action, flash, 3d and stop motion.



fable-legends-screenshot-4.jpg (1920×1080)


Fable-Legends-villain.png (640×356)


Fable-Legends-Announce-Trailer-11.jpg (640×360)


Fable-Legends-Announce-Trailer-1.jpg (960×540)


Fable_Legends.png (720×405)


Fable-Legends-gamescon.jpg (1199×613)


345055694.jpg (960×540)


maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)


fable-legends-gallery-2-high.jpg (1280×720)


fable-legends-gallery-1-high.jpg (1280×720)

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