FANTA – official sponsor of fantasy

FANTA – official sponsor of fantasy


This is a side-by-side comparison of the actual footage we shot on location and what the final results are once they passed through postproduction.


Client: Coca Cola Company Germany
Agency: Jung von Matt/Neue Elbe
JvM Managing Director: Tobias Grimm
Production: Tempomedia, Hamburg
Postproduction: Unexpected GmbH
Supervisor/Lead: Alex & Steffen
3D Artists: Jörg Häberle, Alexander Kiesl, Sebastian Badea, Stefan Kleindienst, Harun Celebi, Tobias Körner, Korbinian Kuhn, Florian Eichin, Marcel Kühn
2D Artists: Claus Rudolph, Steffen Hacker, Johannes Wünsch, Michael Wünsch
Colorist: Peter Hacker
Director of Photography: Simon Coull
Music & Sounddesign: Schnack Music Manufacture

erman Blockbuster



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