Gremlin 3D Model Full Rig Test 3ds MAX

Gremlin 3D Model   Full Rig Test 3ds MAX by Ralph Sutter


Here’s another update for the 3D model of one a Gremlin that I am currently working on. He’s still pretty close to being untextured (his normal maps are nowhere near done and he does not have any color/diffuse maps of yet) but he is completely rigged.

I used 3ds MAX’ CAT system for his overall body and jaw rig and I created a spline based facial UI system that incorporates and blends over 60 morphs shapes/targets.

More very soon! Sorry for the crappy compression btw, FRAPS only renders out .avi’s and those are terrible to edit in After Effects.

Software used:
Pixologic Zbrush
Autodesk 3ds MAX 2014

Jerry Goldsmith – Gremlins 2 Main Theme
Jerry Goldsmith – Late for Work
Jerry Goldsmith – The Fountain

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