Making of Randevu

CGI VFX Making of HD- -Randevu Making of- - by David Lance.mp4_snapshot_00.14_[2014.10.17_18.29.41]

 Making of Randevu by David Lance





Check out the making of the CGI VFX short film “Randevú”!
Is she really what she seems…
After trying unsuccessfully to survive on Earth, aliens have finally found a way. They are fragile and in constant need of fresh bodies, but they are not alone. Big Brother is looking after them.
Next time you say “Hi” to a beautiful stranger, it might be your turn…

Connecting Creative
Music Track – “Few Nolder-Doubt

Modeling | Rigging | Animation | Post Production – David Lance
Diana – Rūta Litinskaitė
Joe – Joey Chan Yeung Chung
Nick – Nicolas Prevost
Barman – Thibaut Morin
Steadicam Operator – Maksim Popov
1st AC – Denis Potasnikov
Cinematographer – Mihail Zaicev
Make up Artist – Gerda Matažinskaite
Aerial shots – Team BlackSheep
Sound effects – Vytautas Jundulas
Audio mixing – Eugenijus Konstantinovas [Genys] 2D Artist – Laurent Shen
illustrator | Designer – Justas Čekauskas
Character design – Vilhelmas Giedraitis
just a very patient person Dovydas Augaitis
Managed by: Scott Glassgold of IAM Entertainment

Lancin is a young creative team producing 3D visualisations and animations. We are not randomly collected Artists and Designers but are a pool of select professionals who are experienced in coming together creatively and efficiently to produce results for the most ambitious projects. We tailor each team to the specifics of a project, drawing from our group of graphic designers, animators and movie makers, which makes us flexible and cost efficient and will do whatever it takes to ensure that we never miss a deadline.


CGI VFX Making of HD Randevu Making of by D

CGI VFX Making of HD Randevu Making of by D

CGI VFX Making of HD Randevu Making of by D

CGI VFX Making of HD Randevu Making of by D

CGI VFX Making of HD Randevu Making of by D

CGI VFX Making of HD Randevu Making of by D





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