More League of Legends Character Art by Sam Yang

More League of Legends Character Art by Sam Yang


We have featured the work of Sam Yang on our previous entry, this young man was employed at Riot Games and Blizzard working on hugely popular game, League of Legends (you’ve probably played as some of the characters he’s worked on if you’ve used a service like league of legends accounts, or put multiple hours into the game yourself) and Starcraft 2. If you enjoy playing games like League of Legends but are struggling to set up an account, then why not check out lol sales who offer services that best suit you. Sam currently running his own studio, Sammu Studios, developing their first game “Colossal Defenders”, the studio also provide outsourcing service for digital sculpting, 3D modelling and texture painting.

Check out some of Sam Yang character work for League of Legends, featuring the skins of few champion such as Trundle, Sejuani, Lucian and Ezreal

arcade hec

baseball trundle

classic sejuani

lucian ingame

lucian sculpt1


tpa ezreal




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