Remember Me Characters by Bastien Ramisse

Remember Me Characters by Bastien Ramisse




As a continuation to our previous post, we feature another amazing individual that brought you the game Remember Me. This time it’s the character artist for Dontnod EntertainmentBastien Ramisse. On Remember Me, Bastien contribute to some of the important character in the game, such as Gabriel Trace, Scylla and many other, he used Zbrush to sculpt the character, then retopo it on 3DCoat, texturing was done in Photoshop, and finally it’s integrated in Unreal for the game.

Here are some of Bastien Ramisse works on Remember Me characters



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tumblr mme187 P7k N1sq67cxo3 r2 1280

tumblr mme187 P7k N1sq67cxo4 r2 1280

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tumblr mmgw85 UMHn1sq67cxo3 1280

tumblr mmgw85 UMHn1sq67cxo4 1280

tumblr mmgw85 UMHn1sq67cxo5 1280

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tumblr mmzx6sn Svc1sq67cxo4 r2 1280

tumblr mmzx6sn Svc1sq67cxo5 r1 1280

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tumblr mn001t2eb A1sq67cxo4 r1 1280

tumblr mp5yvpb LWY1sq67cxo1 1280

tumblr mpk8o64f8g1sq67cxo1 1280


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