Zworks extremely interested in seeing what you do with in 3D Software.  This is why we’ve organized this permanent “Gallery” contest. Any user now gets a chance to see his project showcased on this site.

The principle is simple: you send us your project and tell us which of our product did you used, then that work will be displayed for 24 hours on the site, and we’ll send you a message to let you know. Also, the very best project will be permanently featured in the home page.
Please read the following conditions carefully before submitting your work:
  • –  Project must be in JPEG or VIDEO format, resolution must be at least 1024 pixels wide or 768 pixels high for JPEG.
  • –  Project must be rendered in Final or higher render quality settings.
  • –  File size must be no greater than 10MB , For Video you can send the link video on youtube, vimeo .. etc
By sending us your project you warrant that your work is original and does not infringe any intellectual property rights, and you grant Zworks the right to publish your project . To send us your project , simply fill in the following form and press “Submit Project”:
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images/videos Maximum size 10MB

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Trouble uploading? send us your project directly to :