Zbrush Panel Loops Tutorial

Zbrush Panel Loops Tutorial



Polish by Features Part 1 
Inside the Deformation Palette you will find the polish functions. Part 1 of this series demonstrates the ability to use the Polish by Features slider to better control your Panel Loops creation process.

Panel Loops Basics Part 2 
Follow along with Michael Pavlovich as he takes you through the basics of generating Panel Loops, as well as a few tricks for manipulating individual panels.


Panel Loop options Part 3 
Continuing on from the basics, see how the Panel Loops options will give you more flexibility to create additional hard surfaces. Michael also discusses the Frame Mesh capability with curves, to quickly increase the amount of detail to the object.


Panel Loop Options Extended Part 4 
Expanding on more Panel Loops options, Michael shows us different ways to multiply the amount of detail on your object. He also takes an in depth look at the Bevel Profile curve modifier.



//Source : http://pixologic.com/zclassroom/homeroom/lesson/panel-loops/



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