Casino Saga – Making of

Casino Saga – Making of  by Roulette Chase

Ars Thanea’s creative work for Casino Saga, a digital casino game, is a 30-second spot featuring
dynamic pirate’s chase through the colorful landscapes of Casino Saga island, filled with humor
and deadly explosions. We were responsible for the creative and full production.

Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
Director: Karol Kolodzinski
CG Supervisor: Pawel Szklarski

Casino Saga – Roulette Chase


Making-of-Casino-Saga-Roulette-Chase-3 Making-of-Casino-Saga-Roulette-Chase-4 Making-of-Casino-Saga-Roulette-Chase-5 Making-of-Casino-Saga-Roulette-Chase-6 Making-of-Casino-Saga-Roulette-Chase-13

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