CG Vfx – Tom Ferstl Rigging Showreel

 CG Vfx – Tom Ferstl Rigging Showreel


Tom Ferstl Rigging TD Showreel Using Autodesk Maya worked on:-

Natalis Enki – Mocap Pipeline, Animation Rig, Deformation Rig, Skin Sliding, Cloth Simulation

Natalis Ea – Mocap Pipeline, Animation Rig, Deformation Rig, Face Capturing, Face Rig

Natalis Motion Capture Pipeline

Oh Sheep! – Rigging Shepherds, Rigging Sheep, Coat Cloth Simulation

Tools – Smooth Skin Weight Brush (Python with API Calls)
Tools – Partial Blendshape (C++ Plugin)
Tools – Dual Laplace Morphing Deformer (C++ Plugin)

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