Cosmosaurus – Short Film

Cosmosaurus by Pangaea Studios


Check out this cute, animated short film by the talented team at Pangaea Studios! Meet Cosmo…and learn what unusual dream this clumsy prehistoric creature is pursuing. The animated short was created by 10 visual art students, 4 sound designers, 3 musicians and 1 dinosaur has been in the making for 21 weeks.

Here is the official website with more info about the short and the people who worked on it:

A short making off can be found here:…

Software Programs used: Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, zBrush, Composite, 3D Coat, vRay, After Effects, Premiere

Full Credit List


Anneke van de Wouw
Elwin Westerink
Kaylee Mulder

3D Art

Tobias Koepp
Joey Relouw
Sander Meijer
Emiel Strijker


Niek van Gorp 
Arlon Swaders
Valentin Vöckel

Music and Sound

Friedemann Findeisen
Stijn Blokker
Bud Kolk
Dave Smit
Trienke Dijkstra
Jurriaan Westerveld
Miriam Schaap


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