Erikli – Breakdown

CGI VFX Breakdown HD: “Erikli” – by Fido

Check out this insightful VFX breakdown of the VFX production created for the Erikli TVC, by the talented folks over at Fido as they worked with a small army of digital squirrels! For more information, please see the credits below.

Agency: BBDO
Production company: Ed Commercials, Istanbul
Director: Paulo Henriques
Fido crew:
Creative Director: Kaj Steveman
Producer: Nils Lagergren
VFX Supervisor: Staffan Linder
Line Producer: Anders Singstedt
Animation: Staffan Linder, Anders Freij, Fredrik Olsson
Lookdev: Peter Aversten
Lighting: Anna Hilding, Peter Aversten
Compositing: Fredrik Höglin, Martin Borell, Tomas Näslund
Online: Tomas Näslund

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