IGA Lancement Animated Commercial

 IGA Lancement Animated Commercial

Check out this beautifully rendered and animated CGI Spot for “IGA – Aide Gourmet, by the talented team at SHED! For more information about this video please visit the links below:

Animation: SHED
Postproduction: SHED
Créatif: Guillaume Ferron, Christopher Jones
Agency: Sid Lee
Year: 2013

Making Of: www.shedmtl.blogspot.ca/2013/05/iga-aide­-gourmet.html

Official Website – http://www.shedmtl.com
Blog – www.shedmtl.blogspot.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/shedmtl




This was a great opportunity to revisit our favorite section of the IGA store (Fruits & Vegetables). We went back to the previous campaign and retrieve all our asset. The biggest part of the job was to re-update all the shaders since the assets were getting old and dusty!


IGAAideGourmet_03.JPG (1600×971)


Capture996.JPG (1393×666)


ComptoirFruits_02.JPG (1600×742)


We created this section so camera could basically film in any direction without having to rethink the assets. That way, we could reuse the same layout in the two IGA commercials.


The library section was definitely more tricky. In the end, with all the bookshelves, it contained more than 30 000 objects. We proceeded to split it in different floors so we could easily manage each “character setup” of the sequence. As for the books, we used an ICE setup to populate the bookshelves.


Biblio_Wire_01.JPG (1597×1123)


IGAAideGourmet_02.JPG (1600×968)


IGAAideGourmet_Layout01.JPG (1600×966)


Capture991.JPG (1600×730)


IGA09_Oceane_Rabais_bt_005b.jpg (400×800)


IGA08_Bella_Marinada_bt_001.jpg (400×800)


Strands.JPG (625×417)



Render.JPG (620×398)


OceaneRabais_HairWIP_023_lg.jpg (543×560)


BellaMarinada_HairWip_v028_lg.JPG (471×615)


OceaneRabais_ShadeWip_v01d_im.JPG (556×593)


BellaMarinada_shadeWip_v01n_lg.JPG (455×469)


Syflex.JPG (455×613)


Simulation.gif (744×545)


TechCheck.gif (720×584)


Rendered.gif (928×626)





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