A charming little Ladybug accidentally gets blown into a soap bubble; from here she gets taken on an extraordinary joyride through the forest. Click on MORE INFO to read more about the project.


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How Ladybug came about:

Ogilvy Johannesburg gave Shy the Sun a call with regards to two scripts they developed for Mnet. As they had a limited budget they asked us to see how we can possibly make it come to life. We really liked the scripts, but realized that going purely CG or a combination of CG and live action would be too expensive, and the last thing we want to do is compromise on quality. Ever since doing the Bakers Biscuits spot we wanted to create miniature sets, so we started exploring this option and realized doing so is the ideal way to bring these two pieces to life. The spots would have been created nevertheless, but with mentions of it being stereoscopic we started exploring the possibility of doing so and started exploring technical solutions to make it happen. Blackginger was the obvious choice to get to work on these projects, not only because we have a great relationship with them, but them having vast technical knowledge & an exceptionally skilled team.

The Brief:

Ladybug is about a bug that follows the trail of some floating bubbles trying to figure out what these things are. On her exploration she accidently gets blown inside one of the bubbles with the rest of the spot about her experiences on this joy-ride. At first the ladybug is a bit scared & freaked out by what happened, but soon realizes the fun it holds. There are quite a lot of obstacles that come her way, and she manages to get pass most of them, except for a sharp twig that makes the bubble eventually burst. She enjoyed the experience so much, that she is adamant to do it again, and does exactly so.

Credit List:

Client: Mnet
Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg

Agency Team:

Fran Luckin – Executive Creative Director
Robyn Bergmann – Creative Group Head
Chantelle dos Santos – Art Director
Leon van Huyssteen – Copywriter
Renier Zandburg – Art Director
Taryn Scher – Copywriter
Caree Ferrari – Business Director
Kay Motuba – Group Account Director
Debbie Dannheisser – TV Producer

Shy the Sun:
Director: Jannes Hendrikz
Production Designer: Ree Treweek
Executive Producer: Nina Pfeiffer
Designer & Illustrator: Linsey Levendall
3D Artist: Stanley Segal

VFX Supervisor & Stereographer: Hilton Treves
Comp Supervisor: Marco Raposo de Barbosa
Animation Supervisor: Darrin Hofmeyr
Post Poducer: Tracy-lee Portnoi
Editorial: Eduan Kitching
Editorial Assistant: Ruth Molteno
Modelling & Texturing: Hayden Barnett, Francois Conradie, Lani Greenhill
Rigging: Duncan Greenwood and Tyron van der Berg
Layout: Roelof van Wyk, Alex Hall, Zayne Bartley, Roberto Pita, Stanley Segal, JC Phillips
Character Sheets: Sasha Perdigao
VFX: Mathew Kearney, Tyson Cross, William Harley, Camille Naude, Mike Lyndon, Kyle Ueckermann, Christo Mentz
Software Development: Morne Chamberlain
Stereoscopic Matchmoving: Shaun Marnewick
Virtual Camera Technician: Chris Mcgregor
Matte Painting: Rob Muir
Rotoscoping: Monika Vermeulen
Compositors: Ashley Ryan, Bryan Dunkley, George Webster, Warrick Anderson

Shoot Crew:

Miniature Shoot:
Director: Jannes Hendrikz
Production Designer: Ree Treweek
Director of Photography: Johan Horjus
Executive Producer: Nina Pfeiffer
Producer: Bernice Purdham
Production Assistant: Bizeki Maganda & Nikki Geater
Interns: Andre Sales, Chris Greeff, Alexandra Kogl & Richard Dawson
Assistant to DOP: Norbert Kitshoff
Motion Control Engineer: Peter Constantatos
Motion Control Engineer Assistant: Edwin Nyirenda
Spark: Richard Mellow
Set Designer: Steven Saunders
Set Designer Assistant: Cristina
Set practical lighting: Jason Human
Set Dressing: Steven Saunders and Jannes Hendrikz

Live Action Shoot:

Director: Jannes Hendrikz
Production Designer: Ree Treweek
Director of Photography: Johan Horjus
Executive Producer: Nina Pfeiffer
Producer: Bernice Purdham
Intern: Andre Sales
Assistant to DOP: Norbert Kitshoff
Spark: Richard Mellow
Set Designer: Steven Saunders
Set Dressing: Steven Saunders and Jannes Hendrikz
VFX Supervisor & Stereographer: Hilton Trevis
Virtual Camera Technician: Chris Mcgregor
Child Minder: Tam Lindeque
3D Tech & Stereographer: Russell Bowden
VTO: Michael Carstenson
Key Grip: Roderick Dean-Smith
Grip: Craig White
Gaffer: Mario Mohammed
Wardrobe Stylist: Candice Robinson
Hair & Make Up Artist: Ebony Njonga
Casting Director: Cheryl Battersby
Bubble Blowing Boy: Antonio Fortuin

Additional thanks:
Panavision Cape Town for the Red Camera & Accessories.
Kenny Smith @ Panalux (lighting equipment)
Charl van der Merwe for VT equipment and labour.
Jeff Hodd @ Stratosphere (Live Shoot editing desk)
Kerrin Kokot @ City Varsity


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