Sans Cans

Sans Cans by ILP


Check out this beautifully done example of liquid simulation in this VFX spot called “Sans Cans” created by ILP and Mass Market for Lowe’s! ILP was approached by MassMarket with the task of creating streams of sentient paint for a Lowe’s spot. The scope of the work involved small streams of paint leaving homes to larger streams of paint flowing down the streets and all the way to a gigantic tower of paint shooting up into the sky.
They started R&D and look development at the same time as MassMarket worked on the previs. As always, when dealing with any kind of simulation work, the biggest challenge was to get the liquids to move where and when they wanted it to in a natural way. The problem with directing fluids is that it tends to look forced and thereby looses its’ liquid quality. After much trial and error, blood, sweat and in some cases tears, we think they achieved a pretty convincing effect!

Agency — BBDO
Production Company- Radical media

Director: Dave Meyers

Post Production Company – Massmarket

Executive producer: Nancy Hwang
Producer: Katie Boote
VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor: Todd Sarsfield
Lead CG Artist: Christopher Bonnstetter
3D Artist: Rick Walia
Compositors: Robert Henry, Fred Kim, Timothy Regan
Flame Artists: Jamie Scott, Mark French


VFX Producer: Magdalena Berglind
VFX Supervisor: Yafei Wu
3D Artists: Niklas Ström, Bobo Skipper, Saleh Najib, Niklas Jacobson, Jonas Andersson, Igor Zanic, Patrik Wedinger, Daniel 

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