ZTree Plugin

ZTree Plugin




PasteAround and Pasteoriented will paste ZS, scale and orient them in relation with the selected zsphere. 
They are a little different. Pastearound will orient the Y axis of your copied ZS and spin it arround the selected ZS, while PasteOriented will align the Y axis of your copied ZS with the direction of your selected ZS.
MultiPaste is like pasteoriented but paste copies all over … like growbranches you can define the starting point use the BranchesStartHere button.
ResetSpin will reset the twist of all ZS, this is only noticeable when you generate the adaptivemesh.
DefaultSetting surprisingly enough will reset all the sliders to default. 


Source : http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?184042-ZTree-Plugin


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